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Triptykon - Melana Chasmata (Digibook-CD)18/04/2014 Outside - Never In Security (CD)18/04/2014 Pyrrhon - The Mother Of Virtues (2-Gatefold-LP)18/04/2014 Triumphant - Herald The Unsung (Black Vinyl) (Gatefold-LP)18/04/2014 Below - Across The River (Grey Metallic Vinyl) (LP)18/04/2014 Below - Across The River (Red Purple Vinyl) (LP)18/04/2014 Kreator - Cause For Conflict (Re-Release) (CD)18/04/2014 Nux Vomica - Nux Vomica (CD)18/04/2014 Burning Saviours - Boken Om Förbannelsen (CD)18/04/2014 Wumpscut - Bulwark Bazooka (+ T-Shirt - M) (CD-Box)18/04/2014 The Strigas - A Poisoned Kiss To Reality (CD)18/04/2014 Winger - Better Days Comin' (Digipak-CD + DVD)18/04/2014 Skogen - I Döden (CD)18/04/2014 Below - Across The River (Black Vinyl) (LP)18/04/2014 Dawn - The Eternal Frost - Demo Years 91-93 (White Vinyl) (LP)18/04/2014 Triumphant - Herald The Unsung (CD)18/04/2014 Wumpscut - Bulwark Bazooka (LP)18/04/2014 Wumpscut - Bulwark Bazooka (+ T-Shirt - XL) (CD-Box)18/04/2014 Sebastian Bach - Give 'Em Hell (CD)18/04/2014 Triptykon - Melana Chasmata (CD)18/04/2014 Three Lions - Three Lions (CD)18/04/2014 Crisix - Rise... Then Rest (CD)18/04/2014 Dawn - The Eternal Frost - Demo Years 91-93 (Black Vinyl) (LP)18/04/2014 Triptykon - Melana Chasmata (Black Vinyl) (2-Gatefold-LP)18/04/2014 Picture Perfect - Rose (CD)18/04/2014 Wumpscut - Cannibal Anthem (Orange Vinyl) (LP)18/04/2014 Triptykon - Melana Chasmata (CD-Box)18/04/2014 Pyrrhon - The Mother Of Virtues (CD)18/04/2014 Winger - Better Days Comin' (CD)18/04/2014 Dawn - The Eternal Frost - Demo Years 91-93 (CD)18/04/2014 Nux Vomica - Nux Vomica (LP)18/04/2014 Axework - Axework (CD)18/04/2014 Below - Across The River (CD)18/04/2014 Sonata Arctica - Pariah's Child (2-Gatefold-LP)18/04/2014 Wumpscut - Bulwark Bazooka (CD)18/04/2014 Serpent Warning - Serpent Warning (CD)18/04/2014 Edge Of Thorns - Insomnia (CD)18/04/2014 Outside - Magic Sacrifice (CD)18/04/2014 Shining - Through Years Of Oppression (CD)18/04/2014 Wumpscut - Dj Dwarf 14 (CD)18/04/2014 Vaelk/ Illunis - Split (7 Inch EP)18/04/2014 Earth Crisis - Gomorrah's Season Ends (Yellow Vinyl) (LP)19/04/2014 Strife - In This Defiance (White Vinyl) (LP)19/04/2014 Jungle Rot - Kill On Command (Red Vinyl) (LP)19/04/2014 Between The Buried And Me - Colors - Live! (2-Gatefold-LP)19/04/2014 Buried Alive - The Death Of Your Perfect World (LP)19/04/2014 Sickrites - Irreverent Death Megaliths (CD)25/04/2014 Patria - Individualism (LP)25/04/2014 Archspire - The Lucid Collective (Red Vinyl) (LP)25/04/2014 Hades (Nor) - The Dawn Of The Dying Sun (Re-Release) (CD)25/04/2014
40 below summer a hill a life once lost april arven bathory behemoth big country blut aus bombus brief respite crematorium crimson dawn dc 4 der weg einer freiheit dio enslaved facebreaker forest of shadows godspeed you! black emperor gra hatespawn howl (usa) iron chic kingdom of sorrow labyrinth labyrinth majesty (ger) melvins moon new york dolls nunslaughter paul chain pentacle / eternal solstice social distortion svafnir the heathen chapters the 69 eyes the wandering midget the serpent coven thora type o virgin steele life among